Matterhorn Management & Consultancy is owned by Hans-Willem Vroon, MSc in transport and business economics

Hans-Willem Vroon is an independent entrepreneur in interim management, project management & consultancy in logistics, supply chain management, infrastructure management, transportation management and mobility policy and strategy. Matterhorn Management & Consultancy is home based in The Netherlands and worldwide active

Why Matterhorn Management & Consultancy?
For clients Matterhorn Management & Consultancy distinguishes itself as a reliable, responsible and inspiring partner in strategy development & implementation, contract management, change management and continuous improvement. Connecting chain partners within and between organizations. Focusing on added value, efficiency, quality, safety and compliance with persuasion

Clients of Matterhorn Management & Consultancy are train operating companies, rail network operators, multimodal terminals, port authorities, Ministries of Infrastructure/Transport, embassies and a shared service provider of management of external relations and advocacy