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Matterhorn Management & Consultancy provides by Hans-Willem Vroon the following services:

      • Interim management:
        • strategy development and implementation
        • reorganization & change management
        • continuous improvement management with focus on efficiency, quality, safety and compliance
        • account management
        • business development
        • management of external affairs & advocacy
      • Project, process and program management:
        • strategy development and implementation programs
        • process management of implementation programs of measures in a multi stakeholder environment
        • continuous improvement management programs
        • change management projects
        • logistics chain cooperation projects
      • Consultancy:
        • mobility policy and transport economics
        • infrastructure management
        • transportation management
        • supply chain management
        • logistics chain cooperation in ports
        • access to the Dutch railway network and access agreements
        • continuous improvement management
        • business development
        • account management
      • Moderating meetings and workshops

Matterhorn Management & Consultancy believes in and realizes cooperation which focuses on improving performance, efficiency and connecting internal and external chain partners

Hans-Willem Vroon